President Mulatu Receives Credentials of 10 Ambassadors Featured

14 Nov 2017
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Addis Ababa  November 14/2017 President Mulatu Teshome has received today the credentials of 10 newly appointed Ambassadors from Switzerland, Madagascar, Uganda, Ireland, Germany, Sweden, USA, Jordan, Cuba, and European Union.

Among the newly appointed Ambassadors, Rebecca Amuge of Uganda told reporters that Uganda benchmarks Ethiopia on several areas such as infrastructure, education and health among others.

German Ambassador Brita Wagener on her part highlighted the main expected prioritized areas of Ethio-Germany cooperation.

Supporting Ethiopia in its very ambitious development, encouraging Ethiopian authorities to make reform that attracts German business and investment, and assisting Ethiopia in maintaining long-term stability through economic and political reform are among the priority areas, Wagener added.

European Union Ambassador Johan Borgstam stated that the major cooperation areas of EU with Ethiopia include health, education, infrastructure, environment, and climate.

US Ambassador Michael Arthur pointed out that promoting the economic growth of Ethiopia and increasing opportunities for US commercial private sectors and their engagement in Ethiopia will be the next major areas of USA-Ethiopia cooperation.

President Mulatu urged the newly appointed Ambassadors to work hard to boost trade and investment and collaborate with Ethiopia in ensuring peace and security in the Horn of Africa.

Ambassadors Daniel Hunn of Switzerland, Tehindrazanarivelo Djacoba Alain of Madagascar, Sonja Hyland of Ireland, Torbjorn Pettersson of Sweden, Wasfi Ayyad of Jordan and Vilma Thomas Ramirez of Cuba were the other dignitaries who presented their credentials to the President.

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