House Establishes New Standing Committees to Enhance Check and Balance Featured

10 Oct 2017
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Addis Ababa October 10/2017 The House of Peoples Representatives has approved the establishment of two new standing committees that would enable it enhance the check and balance mechanism.

The House on its first ordinary session held on Tuesday, anonymously endorsed the establishment of standing committees that would enable it oversee activities related to democracy and human rights as well as customs and revenues.

Accordingly, the House has established Democracy, Human Right and Administrative Affairs standing committee by splitting the former legal, justice, and administrative affairs standing committee.

The Undertakings Affairs standing committee that oversees customs and revenue activities has extracted from the former budget and finance affairs standing committee.

The House has endorsed the establishment of these committees with the amendment of the Rules of Procedure and Members' Code of Conduct Regulation.

According to the amendment, the number of standing committees that the House runs to effectively carry out its activities increased to 20 from the previous 18.

The House has also reconstructed the function and responsibilities of other standing committees.

Accordingly, the former Higher Education Affairs Standing Committee has now changed to Educational Affairs Standing Committee in order to embrace all aspects of the educational sector and ensure quality education.

The former Legal, Justice and Administrative Affairs standing committee has also changed to Legal and Justice standing committee.

Meanwhile, the House during today's deliberation has also forwarded 14 agreements signed with different governments and international organizations for further scrutiny to the relevant standing committees.


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