Gov't Decisively Working towards Democratization: Diplomats Featured

10 Oct 2017
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Addis Ababa October 10/2017 The government of Ethiopia’s move towards promoting democracy in line with the prevailing rapid economic growth is appreciable, resident foreign diplomats said.

The resident diplomats made the remark following the announcement of major focus areas of the government during the joint session of the House of Federation and the House of Peoples Representatives.

The two parliaments start their session every year at the beginning of October by hearing government's priority areas for the new fiscal year presented by the President.

For this year, sustaining efforts towards democratic system building, and ensuring good governance as well as fighting corruption are among priority areas in addition to economic aspects.

Mexican Ambassador to Ethiopia and Permanent Representative to the AU, Victor M. Trevino is among the diplomats who attended the session.

He said the opening session of the parliaments helped him to witness the vivid picture of Ethiopia’s economic achievements and commitment towards democratization.

“The government has made a wise decision in practically showing its commitment in the process of democratization and widening the political space through an active public participation” he said.

In his speech, President Mulatu Teshome said the government will continue to sustain activities started last year towards building democracy and ensuring good governance.

“I am far more impressed on the strong and firm stand of the government in the fight against corruption where the president stressed that the public servants are entrusted to manage resources in a responsible and proper manner” Trevino pointed out.

Japanese Ambassador to Ethiopia and Permanent Representative to the AU, Shin-ichi Saida, who also attended the opening, told ENA that the directions that the government of Ethiopia is going to focus on this year is transparent, and displayed its strong commitment.

Ambassador Saida said, “I truly believe that the political reforms and its progress are encouraging and Japan is always ready to support it.”

As ensuring democratic order takes a long time, the Ambassador said Japan will continue to support Ethiopia's efforts in this regard. He noted that it nearly took 100 years for his country to establish a democratic order.

“Japan is further prepared to help Ethiopia in the reform process not only in the politics but also in the economy, too”

In his opening speech on Monday, President Mulatu announced major focus areas of the government for the current Ethiopian fiscal year.

Consolidating efforts on democratization through the ongoing intra-party dialogue and other initiatives as well as ensuring good governance by strengthening the execution power of the government and enhancing public participation.

The government will also continue its struggle against corruption, maladministration and power abuse; and will push forward to make sure that measures taken and are going to be taken against these practices are irreversible.

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