Economic Diplomacy Will Remain Core of Ethiopian Foreign Policy: PM Hailemariam Featured

12 Sep 2017
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Addis Ababa September 12/2017 Economic diplomacy will remain to be the core objective of Ethiopia’s Foreign Policy, Prime Minister Hailemariam Dessalgen said.

The Premier had discussions with head of missions and senior government officials of Ministry of Foreign Affairs about the performance of 2017 and directions for 2018. 

Hailemariam emphasized on the occasion on the need for institutional and human resource capacity building, research based economic diplomacy as well as knowledge and technology transfer to and communication and public diplomacy.

In particular, he stressed on the importance of building human resource capacity of the ministry to bolster their capacity in implementing the economic diplomacy.

Capacity building should be the alpha and omega of 2018 plan of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs since the plan cannot be achieved without capable human resource, it was pointed out.

Besides, the ministry should collaborate with higher institutions of learning and other relevant bodies since the issue foreign relations cannot be left to the ministry alone, the Prime Minister added. 

Hailemariam said that diplomats assigned to various countries in the world have to work more in encouraging anchor investors who can really contribute to the development of the country. 

Anchor investors have to focus on very selective areas like light manufacturing industries, leather and leather products, animal husbandry and agriculture as well as fruits and vegetables.