UNSC Current President Says More Needs to be Done to Provide Support for African Peace Missions

08 Sep 2017
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AddisAbaba September 08/2017More work needs to be done to financially support peace missions in Africa, UNSC President for the Month of September said.

Briefing journalists at the conclusion of the two-day consultative meeting between the AU Peace and Security Council and UN Security Council today, Meeting Co-Chair Ambassador Tekeda Alemu said there is lack of convergence of views within the Security Council about financing AU authorized peacekeeping missions.

Therefore, the Security Council needs to do more work to finance peace missions in Africa, he added.

Besides, the joint consultative meeting has discussed about partnership between UNSC and AU Peace and Security Council, and post conflict peace building in Africa.

The two sides have reached understanding to strengthen their partnership.

According to the Co-Chair, the council members had useful discussion about post conflict peace building in Africa, which has been going on for 11 years now. Under post conflict peace building in Africa were discussed Somalia and South Sudan.

There is a broad convergence of views on both Somalia and South Sudan, Ambassador Tekeda said, adding that the meeting observed that Somalia is getting into a new phase after the establishment a new government. 

However, the fact that AMISOM is not getting the necessary support was raised very passionately from AU Peace and Security Council, the Co-Chair pointed out.

The South Sudan Peace Agreement in 2015 needs to be protected and implemented, and revitalization of the process will support this.

Co-Chair Mmamosadinyana Molefe said on her part the South Sudanese parties should commit themselves to the peace process.

“The peace process cannot succeed if you have continued violence and fighting. For negotiation and for discussion to take place, violence has to be stopped”, she underlined.

The AMISOM and Multi-national Task Force in the Lake Chad Basin have done great work and they have managed to degrade the terrorist activities of Boko Haram in the basin, she stated.

The Co-Chair said the situation in Lake Chad Basin is multidimensional because of Boko Haram and terrorist activities which have impacted on socio-economic development activities in the area.

The United Nations Security Council and AU Peace and Security Council have been working closely on the Lake Chad Basin countries to find solutions.

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