PM Briefs Members of UNSC on Peace, Security in Region Featured

07 Sep 2017
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Addis Ababa September 07/2017 Prime Minister Hailemariam Dessalegn has briefed members of the United Nations Security Council about peace and security in the region, and specifically South Sudan and Somalia today.

During the meeting, the Premier underlined the need for financial support to AMISOM and revitalization of South Sudan peace process.

Financing AMISOM has become very difficult, he said, adding that the international community has to play its role in the issue of peace and stability in Somalia, South Sudan and other areas in general as this situation demands cooperation.

The financial contribution has to be sustainable and dependable, he pointed out.

PM Hailemariam stated that the issue of conflicts in the region need not necessarily be left to Africa. UNSC has also a responsibility as it is a global body that can contribute a lot in this regard.

The Premier noted that IGAD is working on the reviving the South Sudan peace process.

Hailemariam stressed that negotiation is still the priority to end the crisis in the country rather than sanction and other mechanisms.

Members of United Nations Security Council are here to discuss about peace and security in the continent, with particular reference to South Sudan, Somalia and Chad Basin.

Representatives of the 15 member countries of UN Security Council and head of the African Union Peace and Security Council are holding a two-day consultative meeting.



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