Day of Peace Marked in Addis Ababa

04 Sep 2017
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Addis Ababa September 04/2017 Day of Peace was marked today in Addis Ababa as part of the ten-day special events as a prelude to the New Year.

Speaking at Meskel Square where the event was held, Inter-Religious Council Secretary-General Pastor Zerihun Degu said the fast growth registered by Ethiopia over the past decade was made possible due to the prevalence of peace and stability in the country.

The Secretary-General urged the gathering to work hard in accelerating the ongoing development by maintaining peace.

Pastor Zerihun stressed that the nation should work in unison for peace in the coming years as peace is the key to the struggle against poverty and backwardness and to ensure democracy.

South Gondar Parish Pope and Member of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church Holy Synod, Dr. Abune Aregawi said followers of all religions should speak loudly for peace as it is the foundation for development.

He said the country has made a lot of progress by sustaining peace.

As a result, "we are carrying out various development programs, including education, worship and leading our daily life because of peace in the country”, Pope Dr. Abune Aregawi underlined.

According to him, all the nations, nationalities and peoples have responsibility to sustain peace and stability in the country.

In this regard, he called upon the government and the society to maintain peace in the entire country.

Representative of Ethiopian Islamic Affairs Supreme Council, Hajji Kedir Hussien said religious fathers are responsible to teach the value of peace to the people.

“We are therefore calling upon all to maintain peace of this nation as representatives of Inter-Religious Council”, he added.

According to the event calendar of the 10-day special events, tomorrow will be marked Day of Reading.

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