Parties Agree to Add Articles, Amend Proclamation for Registration of Political Parties Featured

08 Aug 2017
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Addis Ababa August 8, 2017 In their third day of negotiations on the Proclamation for Registration of Political Parties, the 17 national political parties have added seven new Articles and amended 13.

Media Committee Chairperson of the Negotiations and Deputy Chairperson of Ethiopian Democratic Union (EDU), Gebru Berhe said the political parties have negotiated and agreed on most of the 31 Articles they have discussed so far.

One of the newly added Articles states that a party shall be called a country-wide political party when it has a national program, offices in four of the regional states, and two city administrations, he added.

Similarly, a party shall be called a regional political party if it has a regional program and 10 percent office coverage in either woredas or zones of the particular region.

An Article that prohibits the activities of any entity to hinder the renting of offices by parties is also among the newly introduced articles.

The National Electoral Board of Ethiopia should do all the necessary work to build the capacity of political parties is another article added to the proclamation.

The parties also agreed that the National Electoral Board of Ethiopia monitors whether the decision-making body of a party manages the party democratically and is participatory, the Chairperson said.

Moreover, the parties have added a new article which demands that parties incorporate the total number of the general assembly members, decision-making process, average regular conference holding period, and preparations of the conference in their by-laws.

The political parties further agreed to add an article which obliges political parties to notify the National Electoral Board of Ethiopia within 30 days before the meeting of the assembly when they elect new leadership.

Among the amended 13 Articles includes the agreement to raise the number of founding members for a country-wide party to 3,000  and 1,500 for a regional political party.

The parties are expected to conclude their negotiations on the proclamation tomorrow.

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