Parties Negotiating on Proclamation on Registration of Political Parties

03 Aug 2017
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Addis Ababa August 03/2017 The 17 national political parties, including the ruling party EPRDF have continued negotiations on the Proclamation for the Registration of Political Parties today.

Media Committee Chairperson of the Negotiation and Deputy Chairperson of Ethiopian Democratic Union (EDU), Gebru Berhe told ENA that the parties have discussed Articles 1-31 of Proclamation No 573/2008.

According to Gebru, the political parties in the closed door meeting they held have agreed to raise the minimum number of founding members for the formation of a country-wide political party from 1,500 in the proclamation to between 2,500 and 5000.

Similarly, the parties have agreed to raise the minimum number of founding members for the formation of a regional political party to 1,500 from 750 the proclamation provides.

However, the parties have yet to fix the exact minimum numbers for the formation of both country-wide and regional political parties, he added.

The parties have discussed about including an Article on strengthening political parties through financial support with appropriate guidelines to be prepared through further discussions.

The proclamation on the establishment and registration of political parties which was under discussion for the past two days is one of the 12 agenda items agreed upon for negotiations.

It is to be recalled that the national political parties had agreed to conclude their negotiation within three months.

The parties will meet on the 8th of August, 2017.

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