Political Parties Agree to Conclude Negotiations in Three Months Featured

14 Jul 2017
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Addis Ababa July 14/2017The national political parties, including the ruling party, have agreed to conclude their negotiation within three months.

To realize this, the parties will meet 3 days in a week and each agenda would be covered in 5 days at a maximum.

According to the negotiators, some of the agendas can be covered in a shorter period than the allotted maximum time.

Though few of the negotiating parties proposed to start negotiating on “national consensus” first, the majority opted to begin with the “proclamation for the registration of political parties”.

Proponents of the latter argued that due attention should be given to the proclamation for it demonstrates their existence as a political party.

According to the agreement reached, the 12 negotiation agendas are proclamation for the registration of political parties, the election proclamation, code of conduct proclamation for political parties, anti-terrorism proclamation, mass media proclamation, charities and societies proclamation, organization and function of democratic and human rights institutions, organization and function of justice bodies, freedom of movement, living and rights of proprietorship of citizens,  issues of lease proclamation and eviction, tax law, and national consensus.

The negotiation agendas were arranged in accordance with meeting the general objectives of the upcoming political negotiation, which is widening the political space through avoiding obstacles.

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