Parties Agree to Negotiate on Amending Electoral Laws Featured

14 Jun 2017
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Addis Ababa June 14/2017 The ruling party EPRDF and 16 national political parties engaged in intra-party negotiation have agreed to take the issue of revising the electoral laws as an agenda for the political negotiation intended to take place between the parties.

The parties agreed on the issue as all the national political parties that are taking part in the negotiation requested to consider an amendment on the prevailing electoral laws.

The parties have thoroughly debated on two of the 13 agendas presented by the agenda organizing and media committee to be tabled for discussion on Wednesday.

In addition to amending the electoral laws, the committee presented an agenda for the revision of laws such as anti-terrorism, freedom of the mass media and access to information, trade and tax, structural organization of the judiciary, civic organization and state of emergency.

The ruling party agreed to negotiate on ways of considering an amendment on the structural organization of the judiciary, trade and tax laws.

During the discussion, EPRDF requested an explanation from the parties that want an amendment on the other laws. After hearing the explanation from the parties, EPRDF, to examine the issue and come up with a response for Monday.

Constitutional amendment, building multi-party system, national consensus, international border demarcation and the implementations of human and democratic rights are among the agendas to be discussed by the parties on Monday.

Local and international observers attended today’s dialogue focused on selecting agendas to be tabled for the negotiation.

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