Under Secretary General Praises Ethiopia for Role in Maintaining Int'l Peace Featured

17 May 2017
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Addis Ababa May 16/2017 Under Secretary General for Field Support at the United Nations, Atul Khare, praised Ethiopia’s contribution to the maintenance of international peace and security.

The Under Secretary General held discussion today with State Minister of Foreign Affairs Hirut Zemene.

He thanked the government and people of Ethiopia for the great scarifies they made to bring peace and security.

Khare said that “we remember the ultimate scarifies of the Ethiopian solders that lost their lives to bring peace and security to other countries”.

State Minister of Foreign Affairs Hirut said Ethiopia is committed to work with United Nations peacekeeping operations and bring security at the international level.

Speaking on sustaining peace and security in Somalia, she stated that the country is working to bring sustainable peace and security to the nation as Chair of IGAD.

She further stated that the country is actively engaged with Africa Union and IGAD to resolve the conflict in different parts of Somalia.

The Department of Field Support is a department of the United Nations dedicated to support peacekeeping field missions and political field missions.

Ethiopia is the top troop contributor country to the United Nations peacekeeping operations. The country has deployed more than 8,321 peacekeeping forces in different UN peacekeeping operations.

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