Ethio-Sudan Bordering States Delegations Discuss Ways of Consolidating Relations Featured

15 May 2017
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Gondar May 15/2017 Members of Parliament, elders and the business community have a crucial role in strengthening the age old friendship and relationship between the peoples of Ethiopia and Sudan.

A delegation comprised of members of parliament of Gedaref State, Sudan, elders and representatives of the business community have held talks yesterday with the leadership of North Gondar Zone.

The above remark was made by North Gondar Zone Chief Administrator Ayelign Mulualem at the meeting conducted in Gondar city.

The Chief Administrator stated that in addition to the strong bondage between the leaders of Ethiopia and Sudan, strengthening the long relationship between the peoples of the two countries will play a significant role.

The visit of the Gedaref State delegation will in particular consolidate the relationship of the people living along the border and strengthen ties in trade, investment, tourism and culture sectors, he added.

Gedaref State delegation leader, Abdela Rehamtela expressed his gratitude for the warm reception they received and said Ethiopia is a second home to Sudanese.

“We don’t see the Ethiopian people as different from our Sudanese brothers as we have developed age-old people-to-people historic relationship”, he noted.

A representative of Gondar city business community Engineer Melaku  Ezezaw said it is necessary to strengthen economic relations between the two peoples by organizing annual trade fare and bazaar .

He also urged the Sudanese delegation to encourage their compatriots to invest in Ethiopia while the assuring them that an extensive work will be done to strengthen the ties among the business communities.

Gedarif State delegation member, Jafer Ahmed has expressed keen interest in bolstering the relationship in terms of business, culture and sports since North Gondar boarders the Basadon Zone from which he comes.

The delegations have discussed and exchanged views on ways of strengthening the ties among the peoples of both nations residing in the bordering areas.

The 15 person delegation will stay in Gondar for three days.

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