Ethiopia's Contribution to Global Peace, Stability in UNSC Successful: MoFA Spokesperson Featured

11 May 2017
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Addis Ababa May 11/2017 As a Non-permanent Member of the United Nations Security Council over the past four months, Ethiopia has been exerting positive influence that fulfill its national, continental and worldwide goals, according to Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA).

MoFA Spokesperson Meles Alem, in his weekly briefing today, told journalists that Ethiopia has been working for sustainable peace and stability in Africa and the world at large as well as resolving conflicts in the Horn of Africa in particular.

The country started its responsibility at the UNSC by creating closer partnership with the other two African representative countries, Egypt and Senegal, to implement the decisions of AU, he added.

Exerting pressure on UNSC to provide strong support during closed and open sessions and offering ways on how to resolve the South Sudanese crisis rather than imposing sanction was among the major efforts, the spokesperson elaborated.

The Rapid Deployment Force (PRF) proposal which is also aimed to end the crisis in South Sudan has also been accepted by the Council, according to Meles.

Ethiopia’s sustained effort to ensure sustainable peace and stability in Somalia and its commitment to fight against terrorism in the region was well similarly recognized by the UNSC.

The request for building the capacity of the defense forces of Somalia and providing humanitarian was received positively, too, he pointed out.

Meanwhile, Meles, who recalled that undocumented Ethiopians in Saudi Arabia are only left with 42-days to leave the country Arabia, before the deadline to avoid problems that may follow.

Despite the establishment of a command post which ensure their safe return, media institutions have to raise awareness and encourage the migrants to come before the deadline.

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