Ethiopia Launches 2nd Human Rights Action Plan Featured

26 Apr 2017
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Addis Ababa April 26/2017 The second national human rights action plan of Ethiopia which endeavors for the better promotion and protection of human rights is launched today.

The action plan that runs until 2019 was approved by the House of the Peoples’ Representatives in December 2016. The action plan includes detailed directions which will contribute to undertake human rights centered development activities and strengthen human rights institutions. 

 The action plan will help the government to prepare new legal frameworks and revise exiting laws to ensure human rights.

 While launching the action plan, Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn said “The human rights action plan will strengthen our capacity of ensuring the exercise of human rights while enforcing and enriching the development of democratic institutions.”

 Hailemariam said that democracy in Ethiopia is growing and on a progress, despite wrong perceptions by some.

 “Though it is not to what some of those who are not in favor of our democracy and development says, our democracy has its own constraints since its young and it is on a transition”, he admitted.

 The action plan, benchmarked mainly from the constitution, puts a direction for the government and civic associations to work closely besides clearly stating the division of work amongst the governmental institutions, he underlined. 

 Federal Attorney General Getachew Ambaye said that the start up of the implementation of the second action plan would give a meaningful response to the ever growing demands of the people for development and good governance.

 The action plan is prepared in line with the laws, policies, strategies and the second Growth and Transformation Plan, he pointed out.

 “A new and strong implementation procedure is established based on experience obtained and lessons learned from the first one with a feedback to effectively implement the current plan of action.”

 A series of trainings for public officials, implementers, CSOs, professional associations and NGOs will be provided to ensure its effective implementation, Getachew said.

 UN Resident Coordinator, Ahunna Eziakonwa-Onochie said, “The spirit and intent of this plan is in line with international human rights instruments, and the explicit identification of vulnerable populations to be given special focus is in the spirit of the Sustainable Development Goals of leaving no one behind.”

 “The plan represents the government`s political and legislative commitment to the wellbeing of citizens and the presence of the highest office in this room today sends a strong message of the depth of that commitment”, she said.

 The Coordinator said the action plan encompasses civil and political rights, economic, social and cultural rights of vulnerable groups and added it even includes the right to clean environment and the right to development.

 “The UN strongly believes that the national human rights action plan along with the United Nations Development Assistance Framework, provide an enormous opportunity to further strengthen the advancement of the human rights agenda in Ethiopia” she added.  

 Representatives from the nine regional states, the two city administrations, concerned bodies and opposition political parties as well as diplomats residing in Ethiopia attended the launching ceremony.


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