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20 Apr 2017
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Addis Ababa April 20/2017 The Ethiopian Somali and Oromia regional states inked an agreement to resolve problems related to administrative boundary demarcation.

The agreement is expected to address challenges facing while adjusting administrative boundary demarcations on border areas between the two states.

 The agreement, signed by the Presidents of the two states, will enable them finalize demarcations of administrative boundary in all areas bordering the two states.

 By doing so, the states are expected to avoid clashes between residents living around border areas.

 Minister of Federal and Pastoralist Affairs Kassa Teklebirhan who presided over the signing ceremony said the current agreement will enable to end disputes around border areas.

 The agreement is also instrumental in curbing destructive activities of anti- peace forces who always wanted to create chaos in the border areas between the two states, Kassa noted.

 The minister said "despite the delay in signing this agreement, it demonstrates that we can resolve our problems by our own systems.”

 He urged the higher officials of both states to work hard for the implementation of the agreement.

 Speaking on the occasion, Lema Megersa, President of Oromia said the agreement is of vital importance to bring an end to clashes in the border areas between the two states.

 “We, the higher officials of the two regions paid the price for not entering into agreement and lack of good leadership for at least the last 10 years which is so shameful at this juncture”, he underlined.

 Despite signing the “historic agreement” the major task - benefiting the pastoralists - is still ahead, which he said needs huge commitment from the leadership of the states’.

 The agreement focused mainly on benefiting communities residing around border areas from development and stability, Abdi Mohamoud, President of Ethiopian Somali state said.

 “We stand firm for the implementation of the agreement focusing on developmental activities which mainly benefits people living in and around border areas”, Abdi underscored.

 Adjusting administrative boundary demarcations on 147 Kebeles and villages under Seven Zones and 33 Woredas included in the agreement, it was indicated

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