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19 Apr 2017
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Addis Ababa April  19/2017  Prime Minister Hailemariam Dessalegn gave a press briefing to the public and private media on current issues today.

Responding to questions raised by journalists, the premier revealed that the leaders of Egypt and Ethiopia have agreed to take necessary measures on media networks like Oromo Media Network that are considered terrorists institutions by Ethiopia.

He said the government of Egypt has reported to Ethiopia all the activities of those media institutions engaged in fomenting unrest and violence in the country and warned them to refrain from such activities.

He added that Egypt has pledged to stop any activities related to these and activities that affect the interests of Ethiopia.

The PM stated that Ethiopia will further continue its effort to sustain strong and mutual benefiting policies between the countries.

Regarding Somalia, Hailemariam said Ethiopia and Somalia have enjoyed good relationship and they would continue to further enhance their strategic partnership.

He added that Ethiopia has contributed to peace and stability in Somalia by deploying peacekeeping forces to the country under the umbrella of AMISOM and on its own.

The premier said the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam is not a source of conflict as some people claim, but a foundation for partnership and economic integration.

In this regard, Kenya, Burundi and South Sudan have sent the Comprehensive Framework Agreement (CFA) on River Nile for approval to their respective parliaments

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