Ethiopia’s Foreign Policy, Development Attracts African Leaders

18 Mar 2017
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Addis Ababa March 18/2017 The foreign policy, Ethiopia is pursuing, and the development the country has witnessed attracts many leaders from neighboring countries and Africans as a whole, according to Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Recently, leaders of South Sudan, Liberia and Djibouti have visited Ethiopia. During their visit the leaders had visited various developmental projects the country has been engaged with.

Ethiopia’s foreign policies clearly stipulate that the major focus of the country’s diplomatic activity mainly target neighboring countries and Africa as whole.

“In order to implement this foreign policy, we have to have close consultation, visit exchange programs and close relation with African countries”, Africa Affairs Director-General at the ministry, Metasebia Tadesse told ENA.

 “The reason is that when it comes to African countries, we have common problems, issues to discus and visions and aspirations. That is why we are having more and more visits from African countries as well as visit from Ethiopia to other countries as well” he said.

To achieve its development goal, Ethiopia have to work closely with African, particularly with neighboring countries, Metasebia said.

In addition to the foreign policy, the fast record of rapid economic growth that Ethiopia is registering over the past years is another factor for the leaders to come to the country.

“Our economic growth is broad based, multi-sectoral, so it can be a lesson for other developing countries as well. So many countries want to share the experience of Ethiopia with regard to having fast economic growth in different areas”, he said.

The close consultation and cooperation with African countries is enabling Ethiopia to have more access to market, to attract investment and other business opportunities.

Believing in mutual benefit and peace and stability is critical to realize development, Ethiopia is highly involved in establishing peace and development in the region and in Africa.

“Our engagement in the affairs of Africa is highly welcomed and we reflect the interest of Africa in various international forums, so that African interest can be promoted at the international arena", he said.

As Ethiopia is a non-permanent member at the UN Security Council, close consultation is needed with African countries, in order to raise and promote issues related to the interest of Africa in UN or any other international fora, Metasebia said.

“Our diplomatic effort to have a peaceful, stable region in the horn of Africa is part of our development effort with in the country, so our foreign policy is definitely the reflection of the domestic policy that we have: he said.

“The peace and stability, fast economic growth registered in Ethiopia highly encourage other African countries to come to Ethiopia to see the scope of development and to learn from Ethiopian experience” the Director-General added.

There are untouched opportunities of cooperation among African countries, especially in the economic and trade areas, he said adding that this is one area where not only Ethiopia but also all African countries should work on.

Ethiopia has one of the most comprehensive foreign policy document that clearly links the nation’s domestic policies with its foreign policy objectives of national development, peace and democracy.


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