Command Post Annuls Some Restrictions Featured

15 Mar 2017
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Addis Ababa March 15/2017 The Secretariat of the Command Post of the State of Emergency announced that it has lifted some of the restrictions imposed because of the state of emergency.

The curfew that was imposed on movements around major around infrastructural facilities from 6:00 P.M to 6:00 A.M for security reasons is among the lifted restrictions.

Siraj Fagessa, Minister of Defense and Head of the Secretariat of the Command Post told reporters that the situation for which the restrictions were imposed could now be treated on a regular law enforcement processes.

Furthermore, the regulation that provided for the arrest of suspects and conducting searches without search warrants has also been lifted.

Siraj added that the article to restrict and control messages on radio, TV, literature, pictures, photographs, theater and film productions have also been lifted.

Furthermore, the rights given to security officers to return looted government and private properties without court order has also been cancelled.

Besides, the article that orders offenders who have looted public property or those who have cooperated in illegal riots give their hands to security forces within 10 days starting from the issuance of the first directive has also been cancelled.

A state of Emergency was declared in the country effective 8 October 2016. Some of the articles in the two directives previously issued to implement the state of emergency have been cancelled because the country is back on normal state of affairs.

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