USAID Administrator, Foreign Affairs Minister Agree to Further Strengthen Bilateral Ties Featured

19 Dec 2016
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Addis Ababa December 19, 2016 The Minister of Foreign Affairs Dr. Workeneh Gebeyehu and USAID Administrator Gayle Smith discussed today about further strengthening bilateral relations.

The minister expressed his gratitude for the unreserved support USAID has provided for Ethiopia during the El Niño induced drought.

Briefing the administrator on the current situation in Ethiopia and the government’s approach, Dr. Workeneh stated that the government has been working hard to address the legitimate grievances of the people.

According to him, things have now improved very much and everything has returned to normalcy resulting in the restoration of peace and stability. 

He stressed that the country is now as peaceful as ever to welcome investors.

USAID Administrator Gayle Smith said on her part that “USAID mission here is in the process of looking at our entire program and how it might be adopted over time. So this is an ongoing discussion that will occur between our mission, the government and other partners in civil society’’.

She also said “we have worked together early to get ahead of the drought conditions caused by El Niño and we are still cooperating in that area because you have very good programs in the country to get ahead of this problems’’.

Smith further pointed out that Ethiopia has been an important partner in agriculture more broadly, and in agriculture through Feed the Future and other programs which are very important in yielding results.

USAID has been supporting Ethiopia in particularly addressing poverty and different issues related to health and education, it was learned.

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