Travel limit won’t apply for foreign tourists: General Attorney Featured

25 Oct 2016
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Addis Ababa  October 25/2016  Office of the Attorney General said that the recent declaration that limits diplomats’ movement outside of Addis Ababa is not applicable to foreign tourists. 

Attorney General Getachew Ambaye told ENA that the recent declaration that requires diplomats not to travel 40 km radius outside of Addis Ababa without the knowledge of the Command Post is not applicable to foreign tourists and they are allowed to travel across the country freely without reporting on their movements.

According to the attorney general, there will be no change or restrictions on  tourists'  movement during the period of state of emergency.

Getachew indicated that tourists are entitled to travel and visit across the country without informing the state about their movements as long as they carry valid passports with tourist visa.

Public Relations Director with Ethiopian Tourism Organization Getenet Yegzaw stated that tourists are allowed travel across the country as usual both in groups and individually.

The state of emergency decree allows tourist to move freely and pay visits to historical and natural tourist attraction sites and with the normalization of the current situation in the country, the number of tourists cancelling their trips to Ethiopia is declining, Getenet added.

He stated that the decree also encourages foreign tourists to come to Ethiopia as their safety and wellbeing is effectively ensured during their stay in the country. During the current fiscal year more than one million tourists are expected to visit the country and the nation expects to generate 3 billion US dollars.

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