PM Reaffirms Government's Commitment to Democratization Featured

11 Oct 2016
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Addis Ababa October 11/2016  Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn reaffirmed today Ethiopia’s commitment to democratization and to reform the electoral law that will be implemented following consultations with opposition parties.

At a joint press conference he gave along with German Chancellor Merkel at the National Palace, Hailemariam said “our democratization process is still nascent. It is moving at the right direction, but it has not yet come up with inclusive engagement.”

As the government is committed to democratization, to have multi-party system, to have human right observation, civil society and group engagement, it is against any violent, extremist and armed struggle groups, the prime minister stressed.

He said “we have to delineate a democratic peaceful engagement from violent, extremist and armed struggle.”

Hailemariam further stated that Ethiopia can yet learn from German, from western experience.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel said on her part German has experience it can share to Ethiopia on how to resolve conflicts.

“I always argue that allowing people to express different political opinions and views is good because democratic experience shows that out of discussions and debates come out good solutions”, the chancellor added.

Merkel stressed the need for dialogue among stakeholders and stated that the government has correctly identified the problems and set ways to address them.

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