Validation Workshop Discusses Green Manufacturing Strategy

28 Mar 2018
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Addis Ababa March 28/2018 A validation workshop that enriches the draft Green Manufacturing Strategy of the country with the view of facilitating environmental friendly green manufacturing development was held today.

Speaking at the opening of the workshop, Industry State Minister Mebrhatu Meles said the new green manufacturing strategy being developed will help to guide the environmental, climatic, social and economic aspects of green manufacturing.

“The strategy is aimed at addressing the different institutional capacity and implementation challenges seen in the sector to achieve the nationally set target of green industrialization”, he added.

According to the State Minister, the workshop has also the aim of involving concerned stakeholders in the setting of this national direction to facilitate implementation by creating ownership and shared commitment.

Dr. Nebyeleul Gesese, a consultant who presented the draft strategy document at the workshop, said it is very important to create sustainable industrial enterprises by solving unwanted environmental burdens and improving environmental performances that make them more competitive.

The Ministry of Industry, in collaboration with the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and United States Forest Services, has been working to develop Green Manufacturing Strategy.

The inputs of the one-day workshop will enrich the strategy so as to make it operational within a short period, it was learned.

The vision of the draft Green Manufacturing Strategy is "building an industrial sector with the highest manufacturing capability in Africa, which is diversified, globally competitive, environmentally friendly and capable of significantly improving the living standards of the Ethiopian people by the 2025."

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