Nile Basin Countries Urged to Strengthen Tie to Tackle Climate Change

19 Oct 2017
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Addis Ababa October 19/2017 Nile basin countries should strengthen their ties to withstand the impact of climate change, according to Nile Basin Discourse Forum Ethiopia (NBDFE).

This was underscored at a workshop that discussed how Nile basin countries could cooperate in dealing with the impacts of climate change.

In his presentation to the workshop, Professor Woldeamlak Bewket from Addis Ababa University said various studies show that Nile basin countries, including Ethiopia, will be affected by the impact of climate change in the future.

Global warming, drought, hunger, flood and other impacts will occur due to the activities of the developed world that release huge amount of carbon into the atmosphere and the direct and indirect impact of this climate change will affect developing countries, he added.

The Professor noted that the governments and civic societies of Nile Basin countries should consider their vulnerability to the effects of climate change during their projects and activities.

The policies, strategies and activities of   Ethiopian government on climate change and sustainable development are appreciable, but the problem needs more effort and actions, Professor Woldeamlak stressed.

According to him, the temperature in Ethiopia is increasing by an average of 0.4 degree centigrade and the variation in rainfall shows great uncertainty.

NBDFE Board Chairperson, Mengesha Workneh, said Nile basin communities should also strengthen their ties and cooperation to challenge the impacts of climate change.

Continued dialogue, research based response and sustainable climate change response activities are needed to fight against climate change problems, Mengesha added.

Nile Basin Discourse Forum is a regional civil society network of networks founded in 2003 with over 600 members to provide a public platform for dialogue, partnership and cooperation among civil society organizations involved in the Nile basin.

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