Letter of Intent on Eco-friendly Activities Signed to Benefit 6 African Countries

18 Oct 2017
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Addis Ababa October 18/2017 A Letter of Intent that enables the African Union and Global Green Growth Institute to share knowledge and skills of Elion Resources Group, a private Chinese company rich with knowledge and skills in eco-friendly activities was signed yesterday.

The signing ceremony was conducted as a side event to the ongoing Global Green Growth Meeting.

Sources told ENA that the African Union had conducted research on the activities of the company that has changed the deserts of China to amazing oasis. That inspired the Union to sign the letter of intent.

The Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI) will work as intermediary to implement the agreement.

GGGI has multi-projects in 26 countries across the world, 6 of them in Africa. The African countries are expected to learn from Elion Resources Group and convert their deserts to oasis.

The letter of intent is not bounded by time and serves as a road map to the future functions by the company in the African countries, it was learnt.

Ethiopia is one of the African countries that will benefit from the agreement.

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