Ethiopian Minister Says LDCs Will Speak in One Voice in Upcoming UN Climate Change Negotiations

05 Oct 2017
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Addis Ababa October 05/2017 Least Developed Countries (LDCs) will speak with strong and unified voice in the upcoming UN climate change negotiations, Ethiopia’s Environment, Forest and Climate Change Minister Gemedo Dalle said today.

Opening the LDC Group High-Level Ministerial Meeting here, the Minister said “the LDC Group must work to make sure that the Paris Agreement delivers its full potential”.

 “Despite the fact that LDCs are not the cause for climate change, we are working hard to confront the challenge,” Dr.  Gemedo added.

He noted that climate change has disproportionate negative impact on LDCs and their people, and LDCs that are at the frontlines of the catastrophe have been paying in lives.

The design of the Paris Agreement, rules, processes and review mechanisms should benefit the poorest and most vulnerable, the Minister reminded the participants.

“Together we are demonstrating that development and progress can be made without undermining the environment and our climate,” Dr. Gemedo stated.

German Minister Counselor, Matthias Schauer said “it is clear that sustainable development and climate action need to be anchored more strongly and more broadly in politics, economy and society.”

 “In view of the changing geopolitical situation, I believe it is crucial for COP 23 to show that the international community is working with all stakeholders, including non-governmental ones, and that the implementation of the Paris Agreement is irreversible”, Schauer pointed out.

According to him, countries have to assess how they can generate maximum synergy for the implementation of the Paris Agreement and Agenda 2030 in order to enhance their concrete impact on the ground.

Norwegian Ambassador to Ethiopia, Andreas Gaarder said on his part the LDC Group’s constructive and progressive role in climate negotiations is highly needed in a changing world.

“The active engagement of the LDC Group in the upcoming negotiations in Bonn is essential for developing comprehensive guidelines that will enable robust and effective implementation of the Paris Agreement”, Ambassador Gaarder stated.

He noted that climate change poses threat to all and to LDCs in particular. The climate ambitions of developing countries, LDCs in particular, must therefore be underpinned by financial and technical support.

It is to be recalled that climate focal points of the LDC Group have in their meeting in Addis Ababa early this week discussed issues of adaptation, mitigation, technology transfer and capacity building as well as setting strategies and positions for the Group’s effective engagement in the upcoming UN climate change negotiations.

Some 160 countries, of which 35 are LDCs, have ratified the Paris Agreement, bringing it into force in 2016.

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