President Stresses Need for Tending to Newly Planted Tree Seedlings Featured

23 Jul 2017
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Addis Ababa July 23/2017 President Mulatu Teshome said looking after tree seedlings beyond planting them is crucial in realizing the Green Development Strategy.

The annual tree seedlings planting program along the Addis-Adama Expressway took place yesterday in the presence of the President.

During the occasion, Mulatu said deforestation activities that have been damaging 40 percent of the country’s forest are reduced to 3 percent.

“The damage perpetrated on forests has exposed us to drought and poverty related problems,” he said, adding that caring for newly planted tree seedlings should be the homework of all.

According to him, the effort of the government to bring about change by devising a green development strategy and mobilizing the public is registering success.

Successful activities have been carried out by planting 3 billion trees in only one year, the President noted, further revealing that the forest coverage of the country has subsequently increased to 15 percent, following the environment protection works every year.

He pointed out that the trees seedlings planted yesterday along the Expressway would absorb the carbon dioxide emitted by vehicles and contribute toward restoring clean air.

Similar tree seedlings planting programs will be conducted with mass participation in order to speed up the green development strategy, Mulatu stated.

Addis-Adama Expressway Enterprise General Manager, Mustefa Kedir said on his part 35,000 tree seedlings were planted along the road during the past two years.

He pledged that the newly planted tree seedlings will be provided care in collaboration with the inhabitants along the road.

Environment, Forest and Climate Change State Minister, Kebede Yimam said there is a plan to raise the forest coverage in the country to 30 percent by 2030.

Some 3.6 billion tree seedlings are readied for transplantation this Ethiopian year.

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