UNESCO World Heritage Committee Revises Draft Document on Lower Omo Valley Featured

11 Jul 2017
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Addis Ababa July 11/2017 The draft resolution document prepared with regard to the Lower Omo Valley at the 41st UNESCO World Heritage Committee meeting in Krakow, Poland, was revised in line with the interest of Ethiopia, according to a press release of Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The revise draft document took into consideration the achievements of the country and its commitment toward preserving heritages. As a result, the committee’s decision to make studies in Lower Omo Valley undertake “strategic environmental study” was reversed and replaced by the phrase that “environmental impact study” be carried out along the interest of Ethiopia, the release added.

The statement stated that the revised draft document submitted by the Ethiopian delegation was accepted by UNESCO World Heritage Committee. This decision has immense use to the heritage registration and development activities the country carries out in the future.

The Lower Omo Valley is located in south-western Ethiopia and extends over an area of 165 square kilometers.

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