Mainstreaming CRGE Key to Achieve Middle Income Status Featured

03 Jun 2017
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Addis Ababa June 03/2017 Mainstreaming the Climate Resilient Green Economy (CRGE) by all stakeholders said to be crucial for the realization of Ethiopia’s vision of becoming middle income status by 2025.

 While addressing a consultative meeting held here on Saturday, Speaker of House of Peoples’ Representatives Abadulla Gemeda said "the issue is not as easy as we are talking since it needs high cooperation and integration with prior attention."

 Mentioning the government’s undertakings in the sector including setting clear strategy and striving for its implementation Abadulla said “The issue of climate change is not a matter of propaganda for us; it is rather a matter of survival.”

 Despite the introduction of the strategy, the main actors in the sector are not well integrated; Abadulla said quoting recent reports from the pertinent standing committee of the House and general auditor.

 Industry; agriculture and natural resource; mines, petroleum and natural gas; urban development and housing; public enterprises; water, irrigation and electricity; and transport are the ministries need to mainstream the CRGE.

 The CRGE can only be realized upon mainstreaming it into national, regional and institutional plans, State Minister of environment, forest and climate change, Kare Chawicha said.

 Saying that trying to implement the program separately could not bring tangible gains, he urged stakeholders for integrated activities.

 Noting that tangible results have been gained in the implementation of the CRGE, Kare said there are still gaps that need to be bridged to effectively implement the program.

 Ethiopia launched the Climate Resilient Green Economy (CRGE) strategy in 2011 aiming to build climate resilient economy with zero net emissions while keeping the fast economic growth to reach a middle income status by 2025.

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