Ethiopia Striving to Keep Environmental Programs Sustainable Featured

11 Mar 2017
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Addis Ababa March 11, 2017 Ethiopia’s work to keep its environmental programs sustainable while local communities benefit from forest preservation is set to boost, according to Mongabay, a website working on environmental issues.

The country’s most prominent program to mobilize resources toward its net carbon neutral by 2025 goal, the Oromia Forested Landscape Program (OFLP), is scheduled to start this year.

The 68 million USD project, established through two World Bank funds, is aimed at the restoration of forests on degraded land and carbon sequestration assessment and performance enhancement.

It is designed to build on existing landscape protection and project approaches to REDD+ in an effort to scale up and finance improved land use across Oromia.

Ethiopia wants to use projects like the OFLP to implement change while gaining financial benefit.

Ethiopia’s National Representative for REDD+ at Ethiopia’s Ministry of Forestry, Environment and Climate Change (MoFEC), Yitbetu Moges, said that the real progress will require intensive collaboration.

He said “Reducing deforestation and improving [the] livelihood of local communities that depend on forest resources will ensure that carbon credit can be sold to the likes of World Bank, Norway and United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC).”

Furthermore he stated that most of the money will be invested in rural development as part of anti-poverty, pro-forest, rural economy-oriented programs.

He added that when REDD+ goes operational, revenue earned by carbon trading goes directly to the local community while helping prevent floods and droughts.

The OFLP will also look at studies commissioned by the Ethiopian government and World Bank that analyze key items including drivers of deforestation, forest degradation among others.

The nation aims to accomplish key economic goals while reducing GHG emissions through efforts that include carbon trading. Such an accomplishment would involve the country doubling its forest cover to around 30 percent of its landmass.

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