Water, Soil Conservation Helping to Raise Forest Coverage Featured

26 Feb 2017
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Adama February 26/2017 Water and soil conservation activities carried out so far on more than 13 million hectares of land has helped to raise the forest coverage of the country, the Ministry of Agriculture and Natural Resources said.

These activities have helped to increase the forest coverage to 23 percent, said the State Minister Dr Kaba Urgesa, while opening a meeting deliberating on the conservation activities in Adama.

The conservation activities being undertaken over the past years consecutively are aimed at building resilience towards climate change impacts.

In this regard, the State Minister said that better result has gained in building resilience and reducing risks in the agriculture sector.

Activities carried out during the first half of the current fiscal year in improving agricultural productivity, conservation on natural resources and afforestation have shown progress.

According to a paper presented on the meeting, soil and water conservation activities were carried out on more than 6,700 basins during the first six months of the fiscal year.

The activities undertaken with the participation of 12 million people have put positive impact on the agriculture sector by helping to maintain soil fertility and wetness and reduce soil degradation, it was indicated.

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