Business Community Express Commitment to Revive Economic Prospect Featured

17 Apr 2018
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Addis Ababa April 17/2018 Business community expressed firm stand and commitment to reinvigorate the economic prospect of the nation that had slightly been foiled due to the recent unrests in some parts of the country.

 Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed held a consultative discussion with domestic and foreign investors yesterday, aimed at resolving the bottlenecks regarding legal and operational issues the private sector had faced.

 In an exclusive interview with ENA, owner and CEO of Techno Style Furniture, Amelework Gidey said “it is obvious that change cannot come over night but the discussion was a very transparent in addressing the challenges of the private sector.”

 “The Prime Minister is expected to thoroughly look into the bottlenecks and put directions to alleviate problems while the private sector should enhance its engagement and participation,” she pointed out.

 Amelework added that expansion of manufacturing industries will have paramount role in poverty reduction and the business community needs to align its engagement with due consideration to developing agricultural productivity.

 Noting that foreign direct investment is vital, she said “but there should be selected areas so that domestic investors can have the space and opportunity to contribute their share.”

 According to her, the discussion can be considered as a divine promise of both the government and the private sector to exert maximum efforts needed towards realizing a developed, prosperous, and peaceful Ethiopia.

 Owner and General-Manager of Muller Real Estate, Mulugeta Tesfakiros appreciated the Premier’s commitment in discussing with private sector and enable the domestic investors to contribute key role in alleviating the problems alongside with the government.

 “When the business community strives to stimulate the economic prospect alongside with the government, the Premier should closely monitor the implementation of the government’s promises.”

 He added, “I am hopeful that the private sector’s challenges can be solved in a very short time if we join hands and work in unison."

 Owner of Mekia Enterprise, Mekia Mamio said on her part that the Premier’s respond to every question of the business community was to the point in general terms.

 Mekia stressed “as it is obvious that government cannot solve the national problems only by its own efforts, we the business community should line up at the forefront in solving any of the current problems through consultation."

 Though the discussion did not focus on specific issues in relation to the various business communities’ engagement, I and the entire private sector are certain that it opened the window of hope to revive our business in particular and economy in general, she added.

 Mekia stated that government should provide conducive platform for active participation of the private sectors in the years to come.

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