Ethiopia losing over 840 Million US dollar from post harvest Featured

09 Feb 2018
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Addis Ababa February 09/2018 Ethiopia loses over 840 million US dollar from the post harvest loss of four crops, a study conducted by jimma University has revealed.

Post harvest professor at Jimma University and leader of the study team Ali Mehamed told ENA that the study focusing on reasons of post harvest loss and the solutions was conducted on wheat, maize ,Sorghum and Haricot beans.

He said the study has covered 14 woredas of Tigray, Amhara, Oromia and Southern regional states and engaged farmers, harvesters, merchants, consumers and researchers.

“The study shows that there is a high loss of products /yields/ in the country in quantity and in quality so that it will affect the country’s economy. But even if we try to protect this problem by using small technologies, we can minimize it,” the professor added.

According to the study the country is losing over 840 US dollar and 1.4 hectares of land from the post harvest of the above four food crops.

The professor pointed out that the impact of this loss is not only economical it will have a problem related to health caused by the low quality of food crops that are not properly managed.

“Our loss is not only economical; we are also facing human health problems due to low quality of these food crops, we will forced to cut trees to regain the wasted amount of crop and this leads to expand deforestation,” he stressed.

The study shows that sorghum has the highest post harvest loss which is about 30 percent and the average result of the four crops is 25 percent.

Lack of awareness, strategy, and shortage of trained man power, technology and financial problem are among the main causes of the problem indentified by the study.

The professor said the study recommended establishing an independent office under the ministry of agriculture and natural resources which will responsible for coordinating and following the issue attentively. 

He also said private investors, universities and other study institutions have a good role in identifying the cause of the problems and introducing new technologies.

Ethiopia is working to reduce the level of post harvest loss from 20 percent to 5 percent by 2020.

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