FDI Growing in Ethiopia

10 Nov 2017
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Mekele November 10/2017 FDI Growing in Ethiopia The growing flow of Foreign Direct Investment to Ethiopia will play a big role in the enhancement of the country’s industrial development, according to Ethiopian Investment Commission (EIC).

 While opening the 10th Investment Consultative Forum in Mekelle yesterday, EIC Deputy Commissioner Teka Gebreyesus said the suitable investment environment and other incentives have contributed to the growth.

 The leadership of Mozambique and Tanzania in attracting FDI two years ago has been taken over by Ethiopia since last year, EIC Planning and Strategy Director Nigusu Gurmu revealed.

 He added that this has helped the country in promoting its investment opportunities in various international forums.

 According to the Director, Ethiopia’s flow of FDI, which was 3.27 billion USD in the Ethiopian budget year 2008, had in the following year grown to USD 4.17 billion.

 China, India and the Netherlands are the leading investors in the country.

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