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09 Nov 2017
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Addis Ababa November 09/2017 Ethiopia is working to reverse the trend of brain drain to brain gain, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said.

 The comprehensive work aimed to attract knowledge and expertise of the Diaspora is being undertaken by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in collaboration with domestic private organizations and Diaspora associations.

 The Ethiopian Diasporas, estimated to be at 2.5 million, are considered as huge untapped resource of human capital which clearly is vital for the development of the country.

 Director-General of Diaspora Engagement Affairs at the Ministry, Demeke Atnafu said that efforts are being exerted to encourage them to come and invest their expertise, knowledge, skill and experience in various areas.

  “There is a new trend emerging among Ethiopian professionals abroad, rather than making a private and individual effort, they are convinced that if they come together they could make a massive impact and make a difference” he stated.

 A directive that will create a conducive environment for the Diaspora to come and contribute share to the nation building efforts will soon be finalized.

 Even members of the Diaspora have been contributing in various areas the attained results are not satisfactory compared to the potential.

 “In the coming six months we will work relentlessly to realize that knowledge transfer of Diaspora to become a reality,” Demeke pointed out.

 Managing Director of Alliance for Brain-Gain and Innovative Development Ethiopia (ABIDE), Dr.Tewabech Bishaw said institutions need highly qualified professionals and mobilizing this resource in order to provide effective services.

 In this regard, ABIDE is working to identify the needs and gaps of the country in knowledge, skill and technology so as to establish a sustainable system.

 “There was a need to organize, have an organized mechanism, which we have a sustainable system, institutionalized system to identify the kind of knowledge that is outside of the country and to identify the kind of knowledge that is needed within the country by different institutions and also to look at the process how to bring these two together” she added.

 A database that will serve as a platform in providing the identified needs and available resources has established.

 “We have established a database and with this database of identified needs and data base of professionals outside the country, it is easy to look at a big picture and see who can assist whom and at what time”

 In addition, a Diaspora Trust Fund has established to mobilize and tap this resources so as to facilitate the engagement the Diasporas, she pointed out. 

 Deputy Chairperson of the Ethiopian Diaspora Association (EDA), Dr. Yohannes Gebresellasie on his part noted the presence of numerous number of Ethiopian origin and nationals with high professional standards who will contribute to the national endeavors.

 “If they come to Ethiopia, I believe they can contribute a lot to the general socio-economic and political endeavors going on in the country” he said.

 The participation and cooperation of Ethiopian Diasporas, in line with the developmental endeavors of the country, is crucial, he added.

 Noting that many Diasporas have engaged in Ethiopia, he said by investing in their home country, they will be benefited from the returns of their investments as well as the change in the livelihoods of their fellow countrymen. 

  “It is a win-win situation they could help themselves and they could also help their country of origin”


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