Nat'l Plan Commission Predicts Double Digit Growth this Fiscal Year Featured

08 Nov 2017
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Addis Ababa November 08/2017 National Plan Commission has forecast an overall 11 percent economic growth this Ethiopian fiscal year.

The forecast is based on the performance of the first quarter of the budget year and an increase by 0.1 percent to that of last year.

In his presentation to HPR Budget and Finance Standing Committee today, National Plan Minister Dr. Yinager Dessie said Ethiopia’s economic growth has resulted in minimizing poverty and expansion of social services.

However, the country has been facing challenges in the export sector since the past four years.

The product most affected in this regard is the sluggish gold export, the Minister revealed, adding that the Commission is conducting a research in the overall chain of gold export.

Dr. Yinager disclosed that lack of quality and timely reports from the concerned government organizations and sectors were some of the hurdles the Commission faced in the planning and reporting activities of the Commission.

He added that unavailability of adequate human resource for macro-economy management analysis is also the other hindrance faced in the quarter.

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