Diplomats Laud Economic Performance of Ethiopia Featured

10 Oct 2017
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Addis Ababa October 10/2017 Some foreign resident diplomats have praised last year's economic performance of Ethiopia despite various obstacles including the severe drought.

The diplomats, who observed the government’s direction at the joint session of the parliaments, whom ENA has talked to also forecasted the country`s economic growth to be amplified in better manner referring the current stability of the nation.

Ambassador of Bangladesh to Ethiopia Monirul Islam said the growth that Ethiopia’s economy has witnessed was ‘wonderful’ despite the drought and other problems.

“It was 10.9 percent and this year I hope it will be more than that because there is a good rain, everything is good, the state of emergency has been lifted and everything is normal”.

“So I think the economy should perform better especially in the agriculture sector as well as in the industry sector”, he pointed out.

As everyone in country is striving for the development of the country,  Islam said the future of the country will be very good. “We know everybody wants development of the country, happiness of their people and progress of the country”.

Deputy Ambassador of Argentina to Ethiopia Alejandro Pineiro lauded Ethiopia’s achievements amid domestic and global constraints.

“We are pleased to see that Ethiopia is still in the growing giant to have a good way through a growing economic system fulfilling more or less the objectives”, he said.

“We know that internationally there are some problems for example the price of commodity that affected coffee, but everything seems that they are making a lot of efforts”

He expressed hope that the country could further expand its economy by diversifying products and engaged in supplying of valued added commodities.

“I believe first to have the security of food and secondly to push and to improve the transformation of the goods and value added products especially with manufacturers”, he underlined.

The severe drought that left millions of people to aid dependency and the reduction of prices at the global market for agricultural products were among the major issues that challenged Ethiopia’s economic performance.

Despite these, the East African nation has managed to achieve a 10.9 percent economic growth which was close to the 11 percent target.

Addressing the joint session of the House of People's Representatives and the House of Federation on Monday, President Mulatu Teshome stated that the country`s fiscal policy and administrative measures were played the major role for the achievement.

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