ECX Trades over 1 Billion Birr Worth Commodities in July Featured

12 Aug 2017
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Addis Ababa August 12/2017 The Ethiopia Commodity Exchange (ECX) has reportedly traded 1.1 billion birr worth commodities in the month of July, 2017.

In the stated period, ECX traded 13,927 tons of coffee and 12,660 tons of sesame as well as 1,850 tons of white pea bean, a press release of ECX disclosed.

Coffee took the lion's share by contributing 49.01 percent of the volume with 70.96 percent of the trading value. Compared with the month of June, coffee price has increased by 1.39 percent and that of sesame by 13.2 percent.

Export coffee trade dominated the market by contributing market attention with 68.13 percent of the volume and 69.16 percent of the value, followed by local and specialty coffees, the release stated.

During the month, 7,841 tons of unwashed export coffee has been transacted for 467 million Birr of unwashed origins. Lekempti shined with 32.54 percent of the volume of the category followed by Jimma.

The trade volume and value of specialty coffee has reached I76.l tons of coffee and 131 million birr respectively.

During the month, 2,635 tons of coffee 129 million birr has been traded for local consumption.

In the local coffee market category, unwashed look the lead in volume by 68.91 percent during the stated period

In addition, 12,660 tons of sesame has been traded for 3l7 million birr where Humera sesame took higher share of the market scoring 70.74 percent and 72.52 percent in terms of volume and value respectively.

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