Horticulture Producers, Exporters Ass'n Stresses Need for GLOBAL G.A.P Certification

01 Aug 2017
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Addis Ababa August 01/2017 Although a few exporters of vegetables and fruits have received Global Good Agriculture Practice (G.A.P) certificate, the performance with respect to securing certification is far below the national expectation, according to Ethiopian Horticulture Producers and Exporters Association (EHPEA).

A one-day workshop that promotes and popularizes the essence of the Global G.A.P Certification scheme to exporters, producers and other stakeholders in Ethiopia was held today.

EHPEA Executive Director, Tewodros Zewdie said Ethiopia has been exerting efforts to certify Ethiopian vegetables and fruits as a critical scheme for exporting the commodities into the world market.

Even if Ethiopia started exporting cut flowers in the recent past comparatively better achievement has been registered in the sector as compared to fruits and vegetables, he added.

Tewodros noted that though many countries in the world are eying to import Ethiopia’s fruits and vegetables, lack of standardized packing and sustained logistical facilities have remained hurdles to expansion and promotion.

He said Ethiopia has been promoting Global Good Agriculture Practice Certification scheme for vegetables and fruits exporters.

Expert at Global G.A.P, Chrissti Ventre stated that Global G.A.P is a private sector body that sets out non-mandatory standards for the certification of production process of agriculture around the globe.

She elaborated that it is a global scheme and a reference for good agricultural practice which is managed by the Global G.A.P Secretariat.

Close 20 Ethiopian vegetables and fruits producers and exporters have so far been certified within the framework of the scheme, it was learned.

Ethiopia has earned about 300 million USD from export of fruits and vegetables in the just-concluded Ethiopian fiscal year.


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