Investors Raise Over 100 Million birr for Adama City Featured

18 May 2017
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Adama May18/2017 Investors who attended a fund raising event for the development of Adama City have donated over 100 million birr.

Speaker of the House of People’s Representatives, Abadula Gemeda was present at the fundraising held yesterday.

Representative of Adama City Investors Council, Shambel Workneh said the businesspersons living in the city are making contribution through the committees they established in order to practically demonstrate that they are strong partners of development.

One of the investors and owner of Adama Ras Hotel, Belayneh Kinde said he has been contributing his share to the development of Adama. The investor added that he has donated 2 million birr for the development of the city.

The investors engaged in construction, industry, hotel, banking and insurance in Adama City contributed 1,000,750 birr.

Adama City Mayor Adanech Habebe said the fund-raising forum was organized in cooperation with investors, the public and the Development Council.

The fund raised will be utilized for prevention of floods and others development activities, she added.

House of People’s Representatives Speaker, Abadula Gemeda said the participation of investors in the development activities should be strengthened to make the vision of the country a reality.

The Speaker commended the initiative investors are taking to work closely with the city administration to speed up the development and growth of Adama City.

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