Ethiopia Exemplary in Interconnecting Continent with Energy: Senior Energy Experts Featured

21 Apr 2017
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Addis Ababa April 21/2009 Ethiopia is moving ahead in terms of interconnecting itself and the continent with energy, Senior Energy Experts said.

Senior Energy Advisor to NEPAD Planning and Coordinating Agency’s CEO, Professor Mosad Elmissiry told ENA that the efforts of Ethiopia in power generation and connectivity is exemplary to other countries.

There is a link between Ethiopia and Kenya that moves very well and can connect Kenya with Tanzania to Zambia, he said, adding that Ethiopia is also striving to connect with South Sudan. This good example shows that the country has good vision.

Professor Elmissiry noted that Ethiopia is also a good example in terms of self-financing projects in the initial stage as it give insurance to investors committed to investing in the country.

The professor further said he is impressed by Ethiopia’s commitment to power generation from renewable resources.

World Energy Council Vice-Chair for Africa, Dr. Elham Ibrahim on her part praised the country for what it is doing in hydropower, wind, solar and geothermal energy development.

According to her, Ethiopia envisions to becoming a hub for energy market in the region and that is clear from the network for the transmission lines connecting to Djibouti and Sudan as well as Kenya. “This is good; and what we need to do in the continent and at regional level”, she added.

African countries have massive renewable resources that need to be utilized more so as to enhance the interconnection of the region with energy and power, she underlined.

Senior Expert on Energy and Climate Change of African Climate Policy Center, Linus Mofor said Ethiopia has been making big transformation since a few years ago in energy development.

“It is a big opportunity for the country because it can also export power to neighboring countries. This in turn helps to strength regional cooperation and integration as well as job for the country”, he stated.

Mofor pointed out that Ethiopia is maximizing its renewable resources. “So when these corridors come on lines, they will play crucial role to enhance trade, cooperation and regional integration in the continent”.  



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