Industrial Parks to Employ Refugees Featured

05 Apr 2017
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Addis Ababa  April 05/2017 Three industrial parks will be built in Ethiopia to ensure employment opportunities for refugees sheltered in Ethiopia, the Administration of Refugees and Returnees Affairs (ARRA) disclosed.

Zeynu Jemal, deputy director for ARRA told ENA that Ethiopia is working on providing sustained livelihood support for refugees who took shelter in the country. 

The industrial parks will provide employment opportunities for 100,000 persons including 30,000 refugees. 

Ethiopia had expressed commitments to work on nine projects geared towards improving the livelihoods of refugees in the country on a UN General Assembly meeting dedicated to refugees.

According to Zeynu the plan is to develop three industrial parks to building the capacity of the refugees in Dire Dawa, Mekele, Jimma or Ziway.

The finance needed for the construction of the parks, which is 500 million USD, is already secured from the World Bank, EU and UK, he added.

The refugees will be provided with the necessary technical trainings before they are deployed into the industrial parks.

According to Zeynu, refugees will also have access to arable lands so as to enable them engage in agricultural activities in cooperation with local communities.

Zeynu said the government will work in unison with local communities in the vicinities of refugee camps to provide sustained support for the refugees. 

Some 10,000 hectares of land has already allotted in the Ethiopian Somali state for this purpose, Zeynu added.

In the extraordinary meeting of IGAD held in Nairobi, Kenya recently, Heads of State and Government have agreed on the need for an integrated approach to rehabilitate refugees.

It was in that summit that Ethiopia has announced its plan to allot arable land for refugees who wish to engage in agricultural activities.

According to Zeynu, the initiatives taken by the Ethiopian government will stimulate the economy by ensuring mutual benefit of local communities and refugees.

Currently, Ethiopia hosts more than 800 thousand refugees mainly from Eritrea, Somalia and South Sudan.

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