UN General Assembly President Says Ethiopia's Industrialization Exemplary to Other Countries Featured

29 Mar 2017
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Addis Ababa  March 29/2017  United Nations General Assembly President, Peter Thomson, said Ethiopia’s endeavor to undertake rapid industrialization can be taken as a very good example to others nations.

The president made the remark after visiting a textile and garment, and a shoe factory at Bole Lemi Industrial Park today.

“I have seen factories where four thousand people carry out their jobs in clean and modern working environment. This is inclusive industrialization. I think Ethiopia is very proud of the way it is going,” he said.

He further explained that he has been “involved in the garment industry in the past. I know what it look like. I can see very good condition and productivity. Congratulations to Ethiopia!”

Thomson added that “this is the way we need to be heading”.

The other very important thing is that Ethiopia’s industrialization is going to be based on renewable energy, including hydro, wind, solar and even geothermal energy, the president noted.

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