Yirgalem Agro-Industrial Park Will Enhance Industrailization: Industry State Minister Featured

14 Mar 2017
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Addis Ababa March 14/2017 The 3rd Integrated Agro-Industrial Park to be built in Yirgalem town of Southern Nations, Nationalities and People Regional State will attract domestic and foreign investors and enhance the industrial transformation of the country, according to Ministry of Industry.

Industry State Minister Dr. Mebrahtu Meles said the park will contribute to the transformation of the country’s agricultural economy to an industrial one.

The park, which is expected to be completed after a year, will have agricultural produces processing factories, transformation center and rural produces collection center, he added.

The agro-industrial park will produce up to 233,000 tons of produces and generate 6.2 billion birr annually, it was indicated.

The finalized design of the park comprises model agricultural processing and manufacturing buildings, solid and liquid waste management, warehouse for raw materials, training hall and laboratory.

One stop service centre and green areas are also included.

Southern Nations, Nationalities and People Regional State Regional Chief Administrator, Dessie Dalke, said the industrial park will benefit farmers as it would create market for their produces .

Upon completion, the industrial park will create jobs to 393,000 citizens.  

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