Nation Awards Model Farmers, Semi-Pastoralists Featured

13 Mar 2017
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Adama March 13/2017 A total of 550 farmers and semi-pastoralists including 60 women who managed to transform themselves into agricultural investors by creating asset were awarded.

Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegene awarded prizes to the farmers and semi-pastoralists on the occasion of the 8th National Farmers and Semi-pastoralists Day marked at the town of Adama.

Speaking on the occasion, the Premier noted that if each model farmers and semi-pastoralists share their experience to at least two or three farmers each the number of model farmers will continue to grow fast.

Out of the 14 million farmers in the country, 22 percent are model farmers.

The prime Minister added that those who were selected for prizes were those who were able to mobilize their resources and family labor to optimize their efforts towards transforming themselves into investors in the sector.

He added that the prize winners were also able to get the prizes as the result of the support they received from agricultural experts and due to their willingness to implement the results of new agricultural technologies.

Minister of Agriculture and Natural Resources, Dr. Eyasu Abreha on his part said that modern technologies particularly focusing on soil fertility need to be implemented for better outputs.

Prizes were awarded to farmers and semi-pastoralists who were able to create assets worth more than 1.5 million Birr each.

It is also reported that the number of model farmers in the country is increasing.

Prizes awarded to the farmers and semi-pastoralists included tractors and saving bonds worth Birr 3,000 each.

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