Humera to Get Agro Processing Park Featured

21 Feb 2017
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Addis Ababa  February  21/2017  The Humera integrated agro industrial park, the second of its kind in the country, officially launched today by Prime Minister Halemariam Desalegn.

This is part of the country's initiative to develop agro processing parks which enables the nation to process agricultural products with the aim of exporting value added items.

In his remark the Premier said that the agro processing park will enable the country to value add to its livestock, fruits &vegetables, cereal  and oilseed products that has been exported mostly as unprocessed.

The nation that has been exporting raw agricultural products and the farmers who supply the products as well have been suffering from low returns, Hailemariam said. 

These kind of industrial parks are expected to address this challenge and facilitates the way towards economic transformation, he added.

Dr Mebrehatu Meles, State Minister of Industry on his part said the park which will contain 120 medium industries, is expected to employ 779,000 individuals.

Up on fully operational, the Humera integrated agro industrial park will produce 700,000 tons of processed products thereby enable the nation earn 18 billion Birr in revenue per year, he added.

To maximize the benefit from the agrarian nature of the country's economy, the government does not intend to export unprocessed primary commodities like sesame, coffee, livestock and oilseeds as well as fruits and vegetables.

To make this real, the East African nation has started investing in agro processing parks with an objective of exporting value added products, improving the benefits of the farmers and developing the sector.

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