Diaspora's Contribution for GERD Increases Featured

18 Feb 2017
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Addis Ababa February 18/2017 Ethiopians in the Diaspora residing across the globe have contributed more than two million USD for the construction of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam over the past six months, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said.

Spokesperson of the Ministry, Tewolde Mulugeta said Ethiopian nationals and people of Ethiopian origin residing in Africa, Middle East and Europe contributed the stated sum of money.

Tewolde noted that a number of fund raising events are prepared to enhance the participation of the Diaspora in connection with the sixth anniversary of the GERD.

He said that Ethiopian embassies and consular offices across the globe are mobilizing Ethiopians in the Diaspora to support their country through their resources and knowledge.

Meanwhile, the country's embassies and consular offices in foreign lands have carried out activities to attract foreign direct investment to the country.

Accordingly, representatives of 19 anchor and 325 middle level foreign companies have visited the country during the past six months to assess the situation, he added.

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