ICO Chief Economist Stresses Need for Coffee Farmers to Integrate Efforts, Utilize Technology Featured

16 Feb 2017
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Addis Ababa Feburary16/2017 Ethiopian farmers need to integrate their efforts and utilize technology in order to maximize benefits from the good coffee they produce, International Coffee Organization's (ICO) Chief Economist Danis Seudieu said.

In an exclusive interview he had with ENA, the chief economist said Ethiopia has strong potential in the coffee sector but it needs modernized farming system.

Furthermore, he stressed that for the system to get modernized coffee farmers should work together so as to get facilities, loans and equipment easily.

“They have to improve quality”, the chief economist said, adding that he had opportunity to visit few coffee farms in the southern part of the country where he saw “that farmers produce good coffee but they need to get together.”

Seudieu emphasized that “the first thing I advise the farmers is to get together for group investment. This is important”.

According to the chief economist, coffee exporters, processers and other stakeholders also need to increase their participation at exhibition and bazaars like the one that opened here yesterday.

Ethiopian Commodity Exchange Authority Chief Executive, Ermias Eshetu said adding value to coffee before exporting it  would enable the country to get better revenue than now.

He stated that Ethiopia has started exporting roasted coffee and this will increase value addition.

Ethiopia is the largest producer of coffee in Africa and the fifth largest in the world.

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