Tourism Destinations Not Suitable for Elderly, Disabled People Featured

12 Jan 2017
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Gondar  January 12/2017 An assessment conducted by a local NGO revealed that most of the tourism destinations in the country are not suitable for the elderly and persons with disabilities.

The assessment presented during the observation of tourism week in the University of Gondar, urged that the country should consider making destinations and services in those areas suitable for all.

Light for the World Senior Advocacy Officer Yetnebersh Nigussie said that persons with disabilities and elders have faced various challenges due to lack of infrastructure appropriate for them around the sites.

Furthermore, most of hotels and other services around the attraction areas are not fit for disabilities and elders, which restricted people from visiting various historic, cultural, religious and natural sites.

By making the destination areas and the services fit for persons for disabilities and elderly, the country can boost the revenue earning from tourism, the assessment said.

Representative of the Ministry of Tourism and Culture Ashebir Tekle acknowledged that there is gab in making tourism destinations appropriate for people with disabilities and elders.

He stated that the Ministry is working with regional tourism bureaus and institutions of higher learning to resolve the challenges faced in the sector and enable them get appropriate services.

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