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Addis Ababa April 02/2018 The appointment of Abiy Ahmed as new Prime Minister, which the House of Peoples’ Representatives endorsed today, indicates the democratic dynamism of power transfer in the country, Ambassadors of different countries residing in Addis Ababa appreciated.

In an exclusive interview with ENA today, Ambassador of the Kingdom of Netherlands to Ethiopia, Bengt vat Loosdrecht said "it was very important in its democratic terms."

I think the new Prime Minister, Abiy’s speech was a very balanced, very sound and very matured speech, Ambassador Loosdrecht said, adding that “I am really hopeful that Dr. Abiy has looked at the lessons from the past and has now new ideas for the future.”

According to him, unity of the country, common history of its people and confronting and resolving all the challenges together were among the few features that were given due attention by Abiy’s remark.

“He says we have a difference and difficult past, but together we will solve it, I think he has a very important responsibility to show also to other African countries that Ethiopia can do,” he emphasized.

He also expressed that the new Prime Minister should be given time to devise way, implement policies and to show how the country has to unite behind the common agenda.

 “This is the first time I have seen a new Prime Minister have taken office from the other,” Monirul Islam Ambassador of Bangladesh to Ethiopia appreciated the democratic appointment.

“It is good for Ethiopia and it will ensure stability, prosperity and development of the country and its people,” Ambassador Islam pointed out.

“He has focused nicely and eloquently to all the points from mothers to farmers, political parties to Diaspora, and he tried to encompass and include everybody and every sector of  Ethiopian society, so it was a very inclusive and strong address to the people of Ethiopia and the African Union,” he stressed.

He stated that the ruling party EPRDF’s resolutions will bring results in the stability and security of the country.

German Ambassador to Ethiopia, Brita Wagner said on her part “It is a historic moment and I am very hopeful that it will be very important in the political scenario of the country.” 

Speaking of the challenges ahead of the newly appointed Premier and the desired changes Ambassador Wagner noted “We will have to see what is going to happen; I cannot predict but will certainly be crucial.”

The new Prime Minister, Abiy Ahmed (PhD) in his first address to the House of People's Representatives noted “Now is the moment to look back and make amends with the past, assess our current stance and look to the future.”

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Addis Ababa April 02/2018 The newly appointed Prime Minister of Ethiopia, Abiy Ahmed, expressed willingness to end the tensions and to reconcile with Eritrea.

Abiy, who sworn in as Prime Minister today, said in his remark to the parliament and the people, underlined the need to seek peace within and outside the country.

“We are fully committed to reconcile with our Eritrean brothers and sisters” Abiy said.

To make this real, the Premier urged the Eritrean government to do its part by starting a dialogue that would help to re-establish peaceful relationship.

“I would like to extend an invitation to the Eritrean government to start dialogue and rapport” he said.

Noting that the policy that Ethiopia pursues in the region and outside is based on peace and mutual benefit, Abiy said it will continue to strengthen it so as to stand with neighboring countries during challenges and successes.

“For the sake of the two nations that are connected not only by interest but also by blood we  are ready to  work on building a peaceful diplomatic relation with Eretria ”, he said.

Noting that the Horn of Africa is a “complex” region, Abiy urged the need to work with neighboring countries for peace and cooperation.

Abiy highlighted the need for peace in order to overcome challenges that the complexity in the region poses and utilize opportunities for better cooperation.

“On one hand, that complexity poses challenges as the region has many actors with diverse interests. On the other hand, this same complexity presents us with huge opportunities for cooperation since the area is home to people that are connected by blood, culture, and language”

He underlined the need to seek peace within and outside the country critical in the journey towards prosperity.

“Peace is not the absence of conflict; rather it is the active pursuit of finding common grounds to differences. We must seek peace with our borders and outside.”



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Addis Ababa April 02/2018 The newly appointed Prime Minister, Abiy Ahmed (PhD) has been welcomed today at the Office of Prime Minister.

Abiy sworn in today as Premier at the House of People's Representatives and has been accompanied to the Office of the Prime Minister.

The outgoing Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn and other senior officials have greeted the newly appointed Prime Minster upon reaching office. First lady, Zinash Tayachew has also attended the welcoming ceremony.

Hailemariam Desalegn has expressed his contentment on the occasion, and uttering the power transition as "historic".

Hailemariam also wished the Prime Minister a successful work time ahead and is ready to stand with full capacity by his side.

Premier Abiy on his part expressed gratitude for the role and contribution Hailemariam has played as Prime Minister.

He also pledged to carry out the responsibilities given by the public and the government.

The new Prime Minister, Abiy Ahmed, will officially be in office starting from today to fulfill his duties.


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Addis Ababa April 02//2018 Newly elected Prime Minster, Abiy Ahmed (PhD) has expressed strong commitment to ensure inclusive participation and benefit of women and the youth from the development of the country.

Abiy delivered a nationwide televised address following his oath as the Prime Minister of Ethiopia, pledges to deeply strengthen engagement with women and youth.

He said that his government would work hard to create young entrepreneurs in every aspect apart from creation of job opportunities. 

The Premier noted that the government would create enabling situation to build fair social and economic system through stamping out maladministration and misperception that impediment the intended targets, he pointed out.

“We understand that without the active participation and benefit of the youth, nation building cannot be achieved. Ethiopia is a nation that offers hope to the youth, and in this regard I vowed to do all my best for the fulfillment,” he affirmed.

Appreciating women's role in nation building and shaping generation, despite various challenges they are facing, Abiy has called on women to continue being instrumental in developing the country.

He said "We believe that the government is working to ensure women to play a leading role in the developmental transformation of our country."


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Monday, 02 April 2018 16:33

Abiy Ahmed Sworn in as Prime Minister

Addis Ababa April 02/02018 Abiy Ahimed Ali (PhD) today sworn in as the Prime Minister of Ethiopia to succeed Hailemariam Desalegn who resigned last February.

 Abiy, 42, was sworn in at the second extraordinary session of House of People's Representatives as Ethiopia's 3rd Prime Minister since the ruling party EPRDF came to power.

 Abiy took the power from the hand the former Prime Minister Hailemariam Dessalegn in the most peaceful and exemplary way in the history of Ethiopia.

 Following the handing over ceremony Prime Minister Abiye delivered a nationwide televised address to the peoples of Ethiopia.

 In his address the Prime Minister pledged to build peaceful diplomatic relation with Eretria, to work for inclusive development, compact against corruption and widen the democratic environment in the country.

 He also vows to work with women and the youth as they are the main power for the development of the country.

 His appointment marks a significant step towards resolving the recent unrest and violence that led to the decree of state of emergency since February 16, 2018.

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